A Changing World requires New Thinking

Did you know that 5 exabytes of new information will be generated this year?  To borrow a phrase from Carl Sagan, that’s “billions and billions” of bits of information (10 to the 18th power to be exact) which are ready to be discovered, reviewed, stored, lost, protected, managed or more importantly shared!  Is it any wonder we can feel over-loaded and over-whelmed by it all?

In the spirit of adding useful information to the mix, BearingPoint is pleased to launch this blog to tap into new thinking wherever it resides.  We’ll share ideas from some of our own best thinkers, but we’re opening up this online stage to everyone to foster a dialogue on the issues that matter most to today’s organizations.  Information isn’t currency unless it’s current, so we hope that this real-time discussion can help us all leverage some of the best new thinking in today’s rapidly changing world.  Think of it as another way to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

So, what’s on your mind? We’re here to help…


One response to “A Changing World requires New Thinking

  1. The idea of information/content not being currency unless it’s current is only partially correct. It’s still the relevance, accuracy, and ability to impart knowledge that makes content truly valuable.
    As information consumers, we need to evaluate very carefully the source of material we read on blogs and on the web – – and not confuse the need for self expression with the ability to coherently piece together meaningful content.
    While blogs often provide useful viewpoints, let’s not confuse forum leaders with editors – regardless of the medium.
    All useful information has currency to the end-user.

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