Digital Asset Management

The web and the enterprise are filled with countless volumes of content and it is growing exponentially every second. Videos, podcast, user data and content in general, these various formats have organizations scratching their heads on how to manage all of this data. With the breath of delivery channels and opportunities for new revenue models, digital asset management should be addressed by all organizations in order to recognize the benefits of this wealth of data.

Here is some new thinking on Digital Asset Management that weighs caution about DAM against the expected benefits, examines effective DAM implementations, and reviews success factors and traps to avoid.


One response to “Digital Asset Management

  1. A little behind the scenes commentary on this paper for those that are interested.
    This is the first white paper that I oversaw from start to finish as a Manager at BearingPoint. I’m glad to see that it has already made it’s way to the blog, as I think it will truly be a value-add for those that read it.
    I was determined to limit the amount of BearingPoint “advertisement”, as I am a strong believer in drawing clear lines between solution collateral, and value-added, intellectual-property-based thought leadership. As intended, this definitely came out as the latter.
    And even without directly talking about our solutions, this white paper provides a taste of the vertical expertise and “new thinking” that our Media industry practitioners bring to the table. Our thought leadership in the space was evident a couple of weeks ago at NAB, where I witnessed clients relying on our team as objective advisors to help them navigate 100’s of DAM vendors. It was evident when the folks at Henry Stewart invited our own Chris Rodriguez to present our latest thinking on successful Business Rights Management implementation once again at one of their flagship DAM conferences.
    So enjoy the paper. I look forward to reading your reactions here. We’ll listen and watch for your feedback and questions to help drive the direction of the next one.

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