Managing assets in the age of global warming

Everyone can relate to global warming, there have been countless articles and news programs, even blockbuster documentary films, such as “An Inconvenient Truth”; but the causes and remedies are constantly debated. The human contribution to global warming is undeniable and companies seeking to create a sustainable business must evaluate the environmental footprint left by their facilities and other infrastructure. Many facility assets—directly or indirectly—consume energy and emit greenhouse gases (GHGs), which are an environmental concern.

Since climate change has come to the forefront as a key sustainable development issue, many governments are taking steps to reduce GHG emissions. These steps include national policies that introduce emissions trading programs, voluntary programs, carbon or energy taxes, and regulations on energy efficiency and emissions. As a result, companies must be able to understand and manage their GHG risks to achieve long-term goals in an environmentally conscious environment.

Read some new thinking on managing assets in the age of global warming, which can assist your company in identifying your environmental footprint and put you on the path to sustainability.


2 responses to “Managing assets in the age of global warming

  1. “The human contribution to global warming is undeniable.”

    — Really? how does that statement co-exist with the one that precedes it?:

    “causes and remedies are constantly debated”

    — that’s true, including whether human contribution is having any significant effect. Those who question are not just “deniers”, there are plenty of rational, reasonable arguments (and data) to dispute anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

    Don’t believe the hype — there is no consensus.

  2. bearingpointblog


    Thank you for your comment we hear you. One reality is clear: companies that adopt “sustainable” business practices will be better positioned for the future than those that fail to do so.

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