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Risk Management: Techniques for Regulatory Compliance Cost Reduction

Financier WorldwideTake a look at this article on Risk Management published in Financier Worldwide’s Strategies for Successful Public Companies in May 2008 written by BearingPoint’s Tony Klimas.

Compliance and regulatory costs can be a significant burden on global businesses. Some of these costs, such as environmental regulation and financial statement compliance are well documented while others, the cost of managing potential product liability for example, are less visible but significant.

Risk management business disciplines have become increasingly sophisticated and in many companies, the risk management function is a standalone business function under the responsibility of a senior executive. One key benefit of effective risk management can be an overall reduction in compliance and regulatory costs.

In this article, Tony specifically addresses the most recent audit standard developed as part of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, Audit Standard No. 5 (AS5). Tony explains how AS5 can help reduce the costs of compliance and explains the key changes that are incorporated into AS5 as compared to previous audit standards such as AS2.

About Tony Klimas
Tony is a Managing Director in BearingPoint’s Risk Management practice. He is based out of our Atlanta office.

Operational Efficiency: A Podcast with Michele Trogni from UBS

A podcast with Michele Trogni from UBS – Series 2 of 4

Our recent event, hosted by the Financial Times, focused on how we can cut costs and boost performance in this turbulent market. We turned to marketplace experts to give their input on ways to leverage new thinking on the latest strategies and technologies for reduction.

In this podcast, the second of 4 from our FT event, we have for you Michele Trogni, Global Head of Operations for the UBS Investment Bank, as she discusses what gets her most excited about the latest strategies and technologies for reducing operational costs. She talks about the importance of operational efficiency and how you can integrate this idea into providing excellent service delivery.

(Financial Times 2008 – Michele Trogni, Managing Director and Global Head of Operations for the UBS Invenstment Bank)

About Michele
Michele is a Managing Director and Global Head of Operations for the UBS Investment Bank. She was appointed Global Head of Operations in January 2006 and has been with UBS Investment Bank & its predecessor for 20 years. Prior to her current role, Michele was Global Head of ESSOC IT and held various IT positions based in both Stamford and Chicago over the past 8 years. Michele started her career in London performing FIRC BUC roles in FCD, Operations Client Service positions and then working for the Derivatives & FI business in an IT liaison capacity.

Information Management: the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management

Information Management is focused on identifying the best way to get information to the proper channels. In many instances, this involves looking at three keys areas; analytics, sharing and storage.

Analytics focuses on deciding who should get what type of information to make better decisions that will impact the company’s performance. Sharing determines how to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a solution and storage is needed to decide what to do with the information once it’s received.

Many businesses are looking for Business Intelligence and Performance Management (BI/PM) which goes beyond traditional management reporting. In this podcast join BearingPoint Senior Manager John Gill as he explores Information Management, but more specifically, the importance of BI and Performance Management.

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Enterprise 2.0: Redefining the company

BearingPoint attended the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston last week, and had the opportunity to present at the unconference portion – Enterprise2Open. The conference is “…the single largest gathering of the people and companies changing the way we work.”

BearingPoint’s Nate Nash and his presentation are below:

The presentation explained how BearingPoint’s Enterprise Wiki had “shifted” the way many of its employees work, reducing dependence on email and increasing collaboration.

Cost cutting performance improvement

A podcast with Sekou Kaalund from JPMorgan – Series 1 of 4

In our never ending search for new thinking we have gone on the road with our EPI thought leaders to their recent event hosted by the Financial Times in New York City called Reducing Operational Costs in Financial Services: How to cut costs and boost performance in a tough market.

In this podcast, the first of 4 from our FT event, we have for you Sekou Kaalund, Global Head of JPMorgan Private Equity Fund Services Business Development. Sekou explores some of the things executives can do to best leverage their resources and get the most efficiency. He also gives insight into the key questions that we need to be asking about outsourcing before we engage a provider with business.

(Financial Times 2008 – Sekou Kaalund, Global Head of JPMorgan Private Equity Fund Services Business Development)

About Sekou
Sekou is a Managing Director and global head of JPMorgan Private Equity Fund Services (PEFS) Business Development. He manages a global team responsible for new business development of outsourced administration solutions to private equity financial sponsors and institutional investors with portfolios of alternative investments.

Business Transformation: Unleash your company’s unrealized value

One of the great ironies of the current economy is that, while enterprises of every type are struggling to improve business results and restore investor confidence, these same organizations already hold billions of dollars in unrealized value, often just tantalizingly out of reach.

This is not a new phenomenon, rather one that has surfaced over time. With few exceptions, organizations of all sizes hold unrealized value because they have not fully integrated the different components of their business. Redundancy, inefficiency, compartmentalization and the misalignment of strategy, operations, people and technology converge to prevent companies from realizing their full potential value.

Explore new thinking on how this value can be reclaimed in ways that produce near-term results and long-term growth.

New Thinking from the floor of SAPPHIRE

A podcast with Jeff Harvey, SAP Senior VP and GM of the Southeast region – Series 3 of 3

In our never ending search for new thinking – wherever it may exist – we have gone on the road with our SAP team to a recent SAP event in Orlando called SAPPHIRE. This is their largest event of the year combining users with vendors and suppliers all under what roof. So naturally it was easy to find some new thinking to highlight.

In this podcast, the final of 3 from the floor of SAPPHIRE, we have for you Jeff Harvey, SAP Senior VP and GM of the Southeast region, who discusses the exciting innovations and the acceleration of innovation cycles happening within the industry. He also addresses the importance of information management and turning the data into intelligence as well as what the future holds for IT strategies.

(SAPPHIRE 2008 – Jeff Harvey, SAP Senior VP and GM of the Southeast region)