Enterprise 2.0: A Podcast with Jay and Nate

A podcast with BearingPoint’s Jay Hariani and Nate Nash

Post from Aaron Strout on www.wearesmarter.org

Jay Hariani and Nate NashNate and Jay are the Click and Clack of social media at Bearingpoint. Offiicially, they have the titles of manager (Nate) and senior business consultant (Jay) in the emerging markets sector at their company but seriously, these guys are a true team. For instance, during our conversation I learned that not only do they physically work together but that they also blog together and present together (most recently at Enterprise 2.0).

In this interview, we focus on the groundbreaking activities that Nate and Jay are engaged in in the world of consulting. Instead locking up their knowledge and IP inside Bearingpoint’s walls they are setting it free one bit at a time while helping their clients do the same. More importantly, they’ve managed to get their management, legal and compliance teams comfortable with these activities. Jedi mind tricks, perhaps? Listen in to find out more. Nate & Jay’s Blog

If you’d like to download a copy of this podcast, right-mouse click on the “downloard” link.

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