Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

The Importance of Fraud Management

Fraud is an ever-increasing problem in the financial services field, and the growth of fraudulent behavior just shows how difficult it sometimes is to prevent this type of activity. With fraud management, especially in the insurance industry, you have the advantage of early detection.

The role of fraud management has evolved greatly over the years. Twenty years ago, there were five fraud investigators in the market, now there are more than 150. Fraud management is mainly organized in a traditional versus non-traditional method. To identify which is more appropriate for your organization, BearingPoint experts can identify the problem and offer an appropriate solution. With the rise in fraudulent behavior, expect fraud management to be a top priority in financial services over the next few years.

Join BearingPoint Business Advisor Delia Klause to explore the benefits of fraud management and why discovering fraudulent activity within your organization is so critical.

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