Daily Archives: September 17, 2008

Enterprise Business Intelligence: Cut Through the Chaos

In today’s challenging business market, the level of what’s available within a company is now more important than ever. Organizations are faced with increasing costs and no centralized way to account for their data. With the maturity of BI tools, more companies are utilizing these features to deal with the enormous increase in information both unstructured and structured.

The bottom line is people are beginning to realize the effective use of BI and how it can transform their business and gain the competitive advantage. However, every organization is different and faces unique challenges in defining their BI vision and executing on it. Many companies are dealing with duplicate data, missing relevant data and no enterprise view of their database. The key is to learn how to cut through the chaos.

Join BearingPoint Managing Director Greg Molley to explore the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) and how it can exponentially benefit your organization.

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