Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

Green IT: Designing a framework for the implementation

Green ITIt’s no surprise that organizations around the world — big and small, public and private — are paying increased attention to how “green” their operations are. After all, there are mounting reasons to do so: the rising cost of fuel, a desire to extend the life of their assets, new environmental legislation to reduce waste, and an increase in public scrutiny on organizational policies…the list goes on. In fact, in a recent InformationWeek survey*, more than 55 percent of large companies currently have detailed strategies for “greening” their data center.

Companies and government organizations worldwide are striving to lessen their impact on the environment. Many firms have begun to address sustainability by setting up recycling programs, reducing energy consumption, upgrading to more energy-efficient hardware, consolidating data center operations and buying carbon credits.

But just how deeply has sustainability been embedded into organizational strategy? How viable are corporate sustainability initiatives? How do organizations prioritize changes to business operations and balance these efforts, given the challenging economy?

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