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  1. Twitter for Massachusetts:

  2. Please add dcalerts to the State/Local list.

  3. And btw this is really great!

  4. Cara Keithley
    Ohio Department of Commerce

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  6. Thanks! My personal stream contains a lot of nongov topics, but as I continue to work on my MPA at Mason I’m sure I’ll be on-topic more often, and do enjoy following others who govtweet. Just make sure to add my professional stream, @signalmag , to the mix. I do watch it closely while I’m in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays, and keep an eye on replies to it to hopefully keep the DOD conversation going. And I’m always looking for feedback on how we can make that stream more useful for our readers.

  7. Red Hat’s government team is @RedHatGov

  8. You2Gov – twitter id you2gov — is a private enterprise devoted to aggregating the best of government content in the social arena. Please put us on your list as well.

  9. Don’t leave out the military! Follow @lindykyzer for information on blogger’s roundtables and lots more, and also be sure to include AF and Navy twitter accounts…

  10. hillary hartley

    a supplemental list of government entities (people, agencies, departments, etc.):

  11. FYI, the twitter feed you have listed for Ron Paul is a fake.

  12. This is a great resource – thanks. I would like to mention that Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill, is now Twittering. Our information is as follows:
    Name: Roll Call
    Org: Roll Call
    Twitter: rollcall

  13. Great list – thanks! See this recent DipNote post re: another Dept of State feed:

  14. You know you’re going to need more than an HTML table if you actually want to keep track of this, right? Especially if you include all those private sector orgs. Here are some local elected officials on Twitter in NC:

    State House Representative:
    Mayor of Carrboro:
    Member of Chapel Hill Town Council:

    And he may not be using it any more, but seems like it belongs on this page somewhere.

  15. Great list, thanks! If you’re keeping it updated, should be

  16. The United States Coast Guard international search and rescue program, Amver, is on Twitter at, has a blog at, and on the web at

    Benjamin Strong
    Director of Marketing and Public Relations
    Amver Maritime Relations
    United States Coast Guard

    This is an official United States Coast Guard posting for the public’s information. Our posting does not endorse this site or anything on it, including links to other sites, and we disclaim repsonsibility and liability for this site and its contents.

  17. Hi. Please add EPA’s news releases: and

    Also, you might want to coordinate with another gov’t tweeter list:

    It seems like you have individual people, too. I tweet as EPA’s Director of Web Communications @levyj413

    Oh, and here are two local folks:
    Bill Schrier, Seattle CIO: @billschrier
    Los Angeles Fire Dept: @lafd


  18. Just created a new one today for EPA’s Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds

    Thanks, Kol

  19. Adriel Hampton
    San Francisco City Attorney Investigations

  20. To follow up to Lindy, Air Force is @AFPAA and the aviation division of Navy is @flynavy. Thanks for this!

  21. Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

    Mass.Gov portal: massgov (

    Sarah Bourne, Mass.Gov Office, Information Technology Division: sarahebourne

  22. This is a wonderful resource and an excellent idea.

  23. When you get around to including non-US govs, you should add DowningStreet

  24. bearingpointblog

    Thanks for all the updates and suggestions so far. Keep them coming.

  25. Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal is @BobbyJindal

  26. The American Small Business Coalition is located at

    Great resource!

  27. Great resource. Thanks for the mention!

  28. What a great resource this is turning out to be. Many thanks for collecting this.

  29. Please add:, Legislation Wiki, @legistraight,

    Thank you.

  30. Colleen Graffy

    Update: US State Department Twitter for Colleen Graffy: cgraffy handle has been changed to Colleen_Graffy


  31. My husband just found the following ones:

    @cityofplanotxpr for Plano, TX
    @KilleenWeb for Killeen, TX

  32. fluentsimplicity

    Nice resource! You may find a few more resources on my twitter index (the Social Brand Index):–politics

  33. Great that you’re echoing the nth version of what already exists, so may I ask why you’re creating this on a corporate webpage and not an open sourced wiki?

  34. Where are the WA representatives like Dave Reichert? Pls ask them to list.

  35. Hey thanks for including Sunlight Foundation! (We’re actually a .com site, not .org, even though we’re a non-profit.)
    We’ve got other twitter accounts you might enjoy including (our main tweeting presence) and (lists our blog updates). We’re also fans of – which lists newly uploaded Congressional Research Service reports to the site (which we fund).

  36. I’m tweeting for the Environmental Protection Agency on social media and gov’t: @levyj413

    EPA news releases are @usepanews

    Could you please put EPA/OWOW at the end of EPA’s listings?

    Also, @billschrier is Bill Schrier, Seattle, WA CIO.


  37. bearingpointblog

    Ari, we chose to create and host GovTwit directly at our blog as well as creating a related ID on Twitter because we thought they would both become a valuable resource for the broader government community (We hope to make @GovTwit on Twitter more robust moving forward).

    There are valuable “x part of government using Twitter” lists out there, and your Federal wiki is a very good one. But it was frustrating that lists were scattered in bits and pieces over the Web, and that they weren’t all-inclusive. The GovTwit directory is the only source we’re aware of that’s tried to incorporate the full spectrum of Govt. into a single site, including industry, media, state/local, etc. I think we’d be open to repurposing stuff from GovTwit into a wiki, but it’s just not the direction decided on for the launch or immediate future.

  38. Please add @tgmason a social media/gov 2.0 strategy consultant Booz Allen Hamilton.

  39. Our Regional Public Affairs Office is using twitter:

    U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region (R5)

  40. Please add @readydotgov, tweeting preparedness messages from U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Website is

    Thanks for compiling the list!

  41. Stephenson Strategies Twitter: DavidStephenson

    I weet on achieving transparency and increasing employee efficiency as well as promoting “wisdom of crowds” through automated data feeds; homeland security & emergency communications using Web 2.0 tools

  42. re: above comment: I not only weet on these subjects, but also tweet on them…

  43. IT Director for Roanoke County and co-founder of MuniGov2.0 (

    Tweeting mostly on 2.0 adoption in local government:

  44. @secgen is the address for the UN’s Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, it is fairly active in twittering all his meetings throughout the day.

  45. Ari, why does everything have to be an opensourced wiki? It’s not as if you can’t post a comment here freely. Let someone cull through it and organize it and be an informed intelligence instead of Hive Mind for once.

  46. Just saw this on Twitter: another list of Congressional tweeters for you to add:

    One suggestion: since this is supposed to be about gov’t, and most people will come here looking to see who in gov’t is tweeting, I suggest moving the academics and reporters to the end. I’m not even sure how you define them into the arena of “government.”

  47. Great idea. Please add me to media list

    twitter: dcblogs

    Patrick Thibodeau

  48. (final correction)

    Schedule Ordering Solutions – FAS R10 Management Services Center

    General Services Administration (FAS/R10/MSC)


  49. Please add @danphilpott in the Industry section. InfoSec Consultant, site is

  50. “Academics” is an interesting heading. To me, working in higher ed, that means faculty, not the institutional accounts.

    I suggest Colleges & Universities as an additional heading for people who want to find the official institutional voice. There are a few universities establishing accounts and I expect to see more and more.

    @WSUSpokane: Washington State University Spokane
    @BarbChamberlain: Director of Communications & Public Affairs, WSU Spokane

  51. I would appreciate an add under Agencies:

    US Intel Comm


  52. The Port of San Diego (San Diego Unified Port District) has a few niceties:

    Twitter: @portofsandiego
    Ustream.TV: Events:

    The Port of San Diego was created by the state Legislature in 1962 to manage San Diego Bay and surrounding waterfront land. With more than 600 employees and 2007 revenues of $133.7 million, the agency oversees the protection and development of the Bay. The Port is made up of Imperial Beach, National City, Chula Vista, San Diego and Coronado waterfront properties.

    The Port is governed by a seven-member Board of Port Commissioners; one commissioner each is appointed by the city councils of Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach and National City, and three commissioners are appointed by the San Diego City Council.

  53. aeropolowoman

    Thanks for a great Twitter resource.

  54. Seems like this would be a good wiki project. Wikis do a better job of crowdsourcing than blogs. 🙂

  55. US DOT CIO

    twitter id: technogeezer

  56. FEMA has been tweeting from the JFO in Texas and from HQ in D to help folks get recovery information.

    FEMA’s YouTube ( ) stood up in September to push video from the disaster back for all to see and cover stories of the affected communities.

  57. @davidsteven

    All at UK foreign policy site:

  58. This is a great idea for robust communication across the our nation. Maybe this platform can help get the U.S. on the same page once again. I did not see the Department of Labor twittering?

  59. Argonne National Laboratory’s training course on “Facility Decommissioning” is also on Twitter; the details are as follows:

    Argonne National Laboratory – “Facility Decommissioning” Training Course

    Department of Energy

    Twitter Name:

    Blog / Web site:

    Could you please put DDtraining under the Argonne National Laboratory entry?


  60. You can add the City of Casa Grande Public Library onto the list:

  61. Thanks for including on your list!

    Our twitter name is actually /aidsgov. We were using /aidsbooth for the International AIDS Conference, but switched to /aidsgov after the conference was over.

  62. Another for your list:
    Argonne Facility Decommissioning training course

  63. City of Shawnee Oklahoma – @CityofShawneeOK
    Updates of minute/agenda posting, activities, etc

    Shawnee Police Dept – @ShawneePD
    Subset of Shawnee police CAD calls

    Shawnee Fire Dept – @ShawneeFD
    Shawnee Fire CAD calls – Fire only, no EMS


  64. US Coast Guard District 13 (Seattle, WA)
    Twitter uscgd13

  65. R.T. Ryback is the mayor of Minneapolis, not St. Paul.

  66. RE: Your tweet for Wisconsin contacts:
    @kfryda, Casey Fryda APR
    PR and Communications
    Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC)

    You could also add…
    @MarquetteU, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI,

    @uwgb, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay,

  67. What a great idea to get the agencies talking

  68. the NYS Small Business Development Center – nys_sbdc

  69. Oh, not so incidentally, we’ve just blogged about you –

  70. FYI: the American Red Cross is *not* a government agency

  71. Please add Twitter ID:IBMFedCyber – IBM Federal Sofware Cyber Security group

  72. On the industry/academia side


    @geocommons @ajturner @seagor


  73. Please add the City of Santa Clara, CA to your list.

  74. Rich Antcliff, NASA Langley Innovation Protagonist is twittering as rantcliff.

  75. one more from the State of Washington.
    Secretary of State

  76. Please add!

    Michael Ruiz
    @ruizm001 – note zero-zero-one on the twitter name

  77. How do I get my information changed if it is wrong here? You have me listed as KY-Murray County Public School District CIO and it should be KY-Graves County Public School District CIO

  78. Is there some way to distinguish between government agenices who Twitter and twitterers who happen to work for the government?

  79. Please add @cyberhiker in the Industry section. Information Assurance Consultant. My blog is at

  80. Please add @Command_Info to the industry section

  81. Chris Gandy
    US Army Forces Command Network Support

  82. Please add to State/Local Goverment:
    Chesterfield County, Virginia

    Twitter: @chesterfieldva

  83. @MaryjoKilroy is the member-elect D-Ohio congresswoman

    She doesn’t personally update, but still…

  84. Austin Wheelock

    Please add me to your industry section:

  85. Please add to academics:
    Company: Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government
    twitter: @zachtumin


  86. Dan Burton twitter link is wrong **FIXED**

  87. This is such a great resource! I am always looking for public and private sector organizations on the leading edge of social media who have case studies to present at our conferences.

    Thank you for putting this together!

    Twitter: @kellyflynn

  88. Please feel free to add the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington: Twitter: @HeatherKrasna

  89. Please add to the Federal agencies:
    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Twitter: @holocaustmuseum

  90. Please add the U.S. Coast Guard to the list of agencies:

    Comandant’s Blog:

  91. Please add “New UK Legislation” from “the Office of Public Sector Information” , twitter feed “legislation”, OPSI website “”

  92. I now have a dedicated twitter for work. It will probably replace my use of rss overtime.

    it’s #dcgov

    I live in DC and write about fed IT, among other things.

  93. This is the CIO Blog. It is linked to Twitter at .

  94. Commissioner Rachelle Chong

    I am a Commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission who is on Twitter: Twitter ID is rachellechong

  95. This is a fantastic resource. Please would you add PublicSpend @publicspend. Website is
    I tweet / blog about information government, transparency and contracting. Thanks!

  96. Please add The Herald-Journal’s twitterers… The HJ is based in Spartanburg, S.C., and part of the New York Times Regional Media Group.

    Jason Spencer, jasontspencer

    Mike Smith, managing editor:

    News feeds throughout the day:

  97. Please add City of San Marcos, TX to the state/local.


  98. California Secretary of State Debra Bowen Twitter feeds:

    Additional information:

  99. Hello, My name is Alexandra Rampy, and I blog at SocialButterfly ( about the intersection of social media marketing and social marketing. Currently, I work at a social marketing firm in Washington D.C. who services government agencies, non-profits and foundations, largely within the public health sector. Thus, one of the interests I blog, Twitter, and have a large interest in is the government 2.0 movement. My post, about Government entities on Twitter was, I believe, the original and first created. If I could be added to the “other” category, I would be much obliged.

    Thank you, Alex

  100. Please add the City of Manor, TX to the state/local as well.


  101. Please add the City of Hutto, Texas to the state / local government section.
    Twitter ID: @HuttoTX

  102. To State/Local:
    1) WichitaKDOT
    2) KS – Kansas Department of Transportation, Wichita Metro

  103. Please add me to the state/local
    CO-City of Arvada – IT Director
    Twitter id mhovet

  104. Update: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Twitter name is now CBP_update.

  105. also please note that I have a Twitter account – totalbranding (unofficial – tweets on branding – not a CBP blog)

  106. I’m a government performance consultant and tweet at @danielhoang. I am also a commissioner for the City of Davis Finance and Budget Commission.

  107. ShawnCalhoun

    Gavin Newsom – SF Mayor and Candidate for Gov.


  108. The Delaware Emergency Management Agency can be found @DelawareEMA

  109. I manage the twitter account for the STAR-TIDES project

    twitter: @STAR_TIDES


    I have a separate personal twitter account @dnoon

  110. Please add United Nations University Media Studio

    Twitter: @unumediastudio

    UNU Web magazine :

  111. Chicago Alderman Manny Flores (1st ward) is @mannyflores. sara feigenholtz, State Rep from Chicago, is @saraforcongress

  112. Please add mainemerchants to State and Local for Maine.

  113. Please add our new Mayor, Sam Adams, in Portland, OR.
    Many thanks,
    Kristin in Portland

  114. Please add the City of El Segundo, CA Fire Dept Emergency Management to the state/local.

  115. I’m a grad student in Vancouver, Canada.

    Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia,

    Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC

    Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

  116. Please add @alcatrazisland

    Name: Alcatraz Island

    Agency National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

    Twitter Name @alcatrazisland

    Web site

  117. please add Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) to the state/local list with a twitter ID of CRESA

  118. Department of Defense-Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)

    We have a blog:

    and our Twitter ID is @AAFES_STYS

    Thank you!

  119. @CBP_all has ceased to be.

    Please would you add Space and Astronautics News somewhere on your list: @astrospace It’s currently the 43rd most followed account on Twitter.

  120. Steve,
    This is a great idea. Please add my employer to the reporters and publications section: We’re Texas Watchdog, and our Twitter ID is texaswatchdog. We’re on the Web at

  121. Your list is great, but it’s getting so long as to be unwieldy. I wonder if it would be possible to add 1) a last updated date; and b) a “table of conents” that shows at least the names of the sections you’ve broken the list into, and then links to each section. (Not sure if that’s do-able in this blog format, but doesn’t hurt to ask.)

  122. @ocparks, the regional parks and beaches system for Orange County California.

    Thanks for the info!

  123. Great resource!

    I work for Northrop Grumman as a software engineer. I tweet at

  124. Twitter for Maryland Emergency Management Agency @mema_feeds

  125. Nice list.

    Name: VCU Information Security
    Agency: Virginia Commonwealth University
    Twitter Name: vcuinfosec
    Blog / Web site:

  126. Suggestion: Category for Non-profit groups

    I’m executive director for the 501c3 org The Earth Intelligence Network.


  127. Please add @fairfaxcounty for Fairfax County, Va.

  128. Here is another Twitter feed from the City of Tacoma in Washington state.

  129. Katherine Tobin

    Please add me as well: Katherine Tobin, @kttobin

  130. NASA Twitterer:

  131. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
    Newsroom/Press Releases: @KYTC
    KYTC 511 Traffic/Travel Info: @KYTC511

  132. NJ Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (District 14)
    Twitter: WayneDeAngelo

  133. Mercer County Improvement Authority (Mercer County, NJ)
    Twitter: @MCIANJ

  134. Twitter for Chicagoland (Chicago & suburbs) tourism: @VisitChicago

  135. Please add under state and local to your list for twitter accts.
    County of Lackawanna, PA
    Department of Arts and Culture
    Twitter ID; @ arts lackawanna
    We are a county government department that supports arts and culture in Lackawanna County, PA.

  136. Hi there,

    The SEC actually has two NEW Twitter sites; and


    Mark Story

  137. National Park Service at Yosemite National Park is now at YosemiteNPS. Web:

  138. slvhdmediablog

    The Salt Lake Valley Health Department is also on Twitter at

  139. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great list. I’ve added your resource to my directory at

    Thanks again, great resource.

  140. Anyone know of any District Attorneys that tweet? I’m about to be trying to convince my boss, the DA for this area, that it would be a good thing. Also, if anyone knows of any official DA blogs, could you please let me know at

    As far as twitter accounts in Georgia:

    Secretary of State Karen Handel is @gasoshandel (website: is @georgiagov

    Georgia State Representative Steve Davis is @RepDavis (website:

  141. Please add @jnwilliams76 to CDC.

  142. Here is a new one from the University of Houston Police Department –

  143. Paul Smith, Vice President, Government Operations, Red Hat –

  144. GREAT LIST!!

    Please add the Port of Long Beach:

    To verify: Go to and on the left sidebar (scroll down) there is a “social media” section that will link you to the Twitter page.

    Thank you! And keep up the great work!

  145. Here is the official University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) BruinAlert Twitter Feed:

  146. Please add jgroveman for the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.

  147. Added a Twitter feed for Missouri Dept of Conservation @MDC_online.

  148. Please add local gov’t unit: Lake County Forest Preserve District (Illinois).

  149. Please amend your Reporters & Publications listing for Space and Astronautics News.

    The official Space and Astronautics News Twitter account is now “astronautics”

    Listing should now read:

    “Space and Astronautics News Space and Astronautics News astronautics


  150. Twitter (under evaluation): USDOL

  151. Please add for “DC Public Safety,” the social media site for the federal Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency in Washington, D.C. We are the nation’s primary social media service for criminal justice issues.

  152. @bnjacobs


    Office of Public Affairs

  153. State Agency
    Rhode Island Department of Transportation

  154. Please add SanfordLab to your science Twitter accounts. We’re run by the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority

  155. Please add @eperlman under “reporters and publications.”

    I write for Governing: the magazine, the blog, the website and the technology e-newsletter.

    (off-topic – I’m also @boldlygosolo – all about solo travel)

  156. Please add the Lake County Forest Preserves to the State and Local listing. Our Twitter ID is @LCFPD. Our Web site is

    Thank you.

  157. State & Local Gov’t:

    Athens, GA – Twitter

  158. We’re on Twitter, at

  159. Please add us to your twitter list.

    US Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region
    Twitter account: USFWSPacific

    Thank you for your time and effort!

  160. Here is another Twitter feed from the City of Grand Forks in North Dakota.

  161. Please post Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is now on Twitter.

    Also note ODFW Commercial Fisheries is on Twitter too.

  162. Please add the following local government:

    Thank you.

  163. Andrew Greenhill

    Please add:

    Andrew Greenhill
    City of Tucson
    Twitter ID: andrewgreenhill

    Thank you.

  164. Thanks so much for maintaining this great list. Quick correction, The Department of Homeland Security Department twitter account you have listed as @HomelandSecurit is NOT a Department twitter account. Don’t know who it is, but it is not ours.

  165. Please add:
    Office of Population Affairs
    Department of Health and Human Services
    OPAffairs (

  166. Please add
    Events, news and natural events from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

  167. @thewhitehouse was removed by Twitter because it was a deliberate fake. I hope they do the same with @HomelandSecurit

  168. The Office of the Law Revision Counsel has established a Twitter account at @uscode.

  169. Allen County, Indiana

    Name: County of Allen (IN)
    Organization: IN – Allen County
    Twitter Name: allencountyinfo

  170. More GA types:

    @caseycagle is Lt Gov Casey Cagle, who is running for Gov

    @Johnson4Georgia is State Sen. Eric Johnson (R-Savannah), who is running for Lt. Gov

    @RepDavis is State Rep Steve Davis (R)

    @RepLunsford is State Rep John Lunsford(R)

    @PaulBrounMD is US Rep Paul Brown (R)

  171. The City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has 2 twitter accounts

    CitySiouxFalls – for general news and information

    SiouxFallsSnow – for snow alert information

  172. Two more for King County, WA: Their project management office @kcitpmo; Their Project Management Officer Trever Esko @trevere

  173. Please add NASCIO – National Association of State Chief Information Officers to the list

  174. @WashingtonSRC is Washington State Senate Republican Caucus

    @WAHouseGOP is Washington State House Republican Caucus

  175. Please include our Twitter information in your directory.
    Mike Green
    Allen County, Indiana Board of Commissioners

  176. City of St Charles, IL

  177. @HRGreen provides environmental tips specific to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. The account is managed through the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission on behalf of its member localities.

  178. Great list! Government folks, let us us know your story if you are doing something interesting with Twitter! We want to share your success on

    – Bureaupat

  179. Please add @CDC_eHealth to the list under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    CDC eHealth Marketing: and interactive media projects. Delivering science-based health & safety info when, where and how you need it.

    Social Media efforts:

  180. Please update our Twitter listing for Voice of America Public Relations:

  181. Argonne National Laboratory (a U.S. Dept. of Energy lab) has a twitter feed:

    Please add, thanks!

  182. The U.S. General Service Administration’s management conference, IRMCO 2009 , (Interagency Resource Management Conference) is on twitter @IRMCO2009.


  183. I just read that the Anne Arundel County Dept. of Public Works is now on Twitter-

  184. Metroplan
    Council of Governments and Metropolitan Planning Organization
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Twitter: Metroplan

  185. Please add the Town of Tyrone (GA) Police Department to the directory:

    Twitter Profile: TyronePolice

  186. City of Santa Clarita



  187. The Center for Public Policy & Administration (CPPA), at the University of Utah, has a Twitter account at:

  188. FSIS is now on Twitter!

    The FSIS Twitter account sent out its first “tweet” not too long ago and will provide food safety education and information to followers.

    The account will be used to share food safety education materials, provide information on recalls and news releases and will be monitored for any questions from other Twitter users.

  189. @TPWDNews = Texas Parks and Wildlife Department news and updates

  190. Love your hard work on this list!

    Would you please consider adding us to the Industy/Academic/Other section:


    We are a WDC -area nonprofit policy/advocacy group with a focus on biomedical research. Thanks!!

  191. Hamilton County (Ohio) Department of Job and Family Services
    Twitter: @HamiltonCoJFS
    Director’s Blog:

  192. David Harrity

    @usedgov = Department of Education
    @FreeResources = Free Resources

    @PacificCommand = U.S. Pacific Command (Department of Defense) blog =

  193. You can add the Free Library of Philadelphia

    Great list!

  194. Please add under Air Force @paulfbove

  195. Twitter accounts:

    City of Lakeland

  196. Mike Sumrall

    Additional Twit for Navy

    Navy Surface Forces

  197. Brookhaven National Laboratory has established a Twitter feed,


  198. Would you consider adding @capgemini to the Contractors area.


  199. Please move me from the Department of Transportation to Industry (Computer Sciences Corporation), and change my twitter name from technogeezer to danmintz


    – Dan

  200. The City of Ottawa (Canada) has a twitter account for news updates:

  201. Please add for “DC Public Safety,” the social media site for the federal Court Services and resimler Offender Supervision Agency in Washington, D.C. We are the nation’s primary social media service for criminal justice issues.

  202. There are quite a few members of the state judiciary on Twitter.

    Just a couple:


  203. Cops that use Twitter (currently UK, Canadian and US cops) can be found at

  204. has a dynamically updating feed of all of the congress member updates.

  205. City of Champaign, Illinois twitters

    Champaign Park Dist champark / Champaign Park Dist

    City of Champaign champaigncity / City of Champaign

  206. socialbutterfly4change

    Thanks for the continued dedication with this directory. I have another government Twitter ID that can be added. The Government Web site is now on Twitter:

    @healthfinder, “Your Source for Reliable Health Information and Health Tools, provided by ODPHP.”

    ODPHP is the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, that is within the Office of Public Health and Science, the Office of the Secretary, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It works to strengthen the disease prevention and health promotion priorities of the Department within the collaborative framework of the HHS agencies.

  207. It’s nice to hear of the upcoming database access to GovTwit, Steve.

    Here’s a correction and update from the Utah State Library:

    Name: Utah Hive
    Agency: Utah State Library Digital Library Services

    Name: Utah State Library
    Agency: Utah State Library

    Name: Utah State Library Social Media Training
    Agency: Utah State Library

  208. Tim Campbell

    Please add @trscampbell as a consultant in Public Safety/Emergency Services. Located in SE Pa.

  209. Minnetonka, MN has a twitter account at

  210. You might like to add @Apollo_XI which is not a NASA tweet, but is republishing the transcripts of the original NASA PAO commentary of the Apollo 11 mission. It is presented by Space and Astronautics News which is also @Astronautics (already listed here).

  211. please add

    This is the official Johnson County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office Twitter account

  212. Please add –

    State & Local:
    Iowa Finance Authority

  213. Please add the city of Boulder, CO Twitter accounts:

    @bouldercolorado – main city account
    @boulderpolice – Police/Fire PIO acccount
    @boulderparking – Parking Services

  214. please add to the Local Government List. We are Carroll County Iowa.

  215. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management is on Twitter. @ArkansasDEM

  216. Please add @HCNews – The official news source for Hillsborough County, FL, government administration.

  217. The South Carolina Budget and Control Board is on twitter. Our twitter ID is bandcb. Please add us to your directory. Thanks!

  218. You might want to add ONHIR

  219. The 433rd Airlift Wing at Lackland AFB, Texas is tweeting @AFRC_433. Thought I’d added them to your list but guess I missed….

  220. The Military Health System @healthdotmil and TRICARE, the Military’s health plan are now tweeting!


  221. Troops To Teachers can provide counseling and monetary support to eligible military service men and women looking to become k-12 or vocational teachers. I run the Illinois Chapter

    Please add me to Illinois Federally funded veterans programs

  222. Lloyd Mitchell

    LloydMitchell < twitter screenname

    SC Forestry Commission and FCCA < Agency Name <– website

  223. OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, has an unofficial Twitter:

  224. Please Add @karenhandel currently Georgia’s SoS and candidate for Gov in 2010.

  225. We would like to be listed under ‘Industry’ as The Society of American Military Engineers:

  226. Please add the federal government’s Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation at

  227. Please add the City of Collegedale, Tennessee:

  228. Please add County of Santa Clara, CA


  229. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina has the following Twitter accounts:


  230. Thank you for our listing. We are in your list as “Fish and Wildlife Service” Please list us under Name and Agency using the full name as “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service” and “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region” to avoiding confusion with state fish and wildlife agencies. Thank you.

  231. Please add @SFCityAttorney in State and Local. This is the official office Twitter account for Dennis Herrera. Thank you!

  232. The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, @SFCityAttorney, is on the Web at

  233. Wow. Awesome directory – thanks for this!

  234. Please add the Indiana Department of Environmental Management

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