Life Sciences Supply Chain: How mature is your organization?

IT Supply Chain for LifeSciencesInformation technology (IT) departments within life sciences organizations are under constant pressure not only to maintain services but also improve them while controlling expenses. IT leaders face these daunting challenges amid funding constraints and continually shifting demands for IT resources. Combining supply chain principles with industry-leading practices, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®), can create an effective framework for supporting cost transparency and IT resource capacity management to meet demand for IT services. Most organizations have some or all of the elements necessary to create an end-to-end supply chain, but these components are often at varying levels of maturity or are not integrated with other critical processes.

Read more about how to determine the maturity level of your organization’s IT supply chain, identify gaps and work towards an end-to-end solution that meets your service management needs.

2 responses to “Life Sciences Supply Chain: How mature is your organization?

  1. in times of money trouble i think the last thing is an ballooning ITIL implantation effort with no tangible results.

    did you see the tools for ITIL on
    the prices are nuts!

    Microsoft MOF is cheaper and faster to get off the ground than ITIL

  2. Thank you for your comment,

    There are many ways to implement ITIL, some can be inexpensive, and provide immediate cost savings, and as you state, many failed and ballooning ones are pricey and provide no results at all.

    The key, like using any framework, is to implement at the right level, with a managed scope, and with the right ROI. In times of money trouble, using standards to fix, or enhance bulky and inefficient processes may be exactly what is needed; specifically, creating more flow-through and automation can help many organizations.

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