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Reduce Operational Costs: A podcast with Awi Federgruen

A podcast with Awi Federgruen from Columbia Business School- Series 3 of 4

During our recent Enterprise Performance Improvement Briefing with the Financial Times in New York City, we interviewed the experts to give their input into the latest strategies for cost reduction.
In this podcast, the third of 4 from our FT event, we have for you Awi Federgruen, Professor of Management, and Chairman of the Decision, Risk & Operations Division at Columbia Business School, as he discusses reducing operation costs and the key issues that people should be informed about. Awi explains the need for cost reductions and how you can still delivery the right technology at a reduced price.

(Financial Times 2008 – Awi Federgruen, Professor of Management at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business)

About Awi
Awi is Charles E. Exley Professor of Management at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. He was Senior Vice Dean from 1997-2002. Professor Federgruen is known for his work in the development and implementation of planning models for supply chain management and logistical systems. His work on scenario planning is widely cited, the field has gained prominence as computers now allow the processing of large masses of complex data. His work on supply chain models has wide applications in, for example, flu vaccine and the risks of relying too heavily on a single vaccine supplier.