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Supply Chain Calibration for Consumer Goods

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
Managing Director

Now more than ever it is crucial for executives at all companies to scrutinize every aspect of the supply chain due to increasing costs and decreasing sales. This is especially vital for consumer goods companies, where the supply chain occupies that ever-tenuous connection between the flow of goods that companies hope consumers will never see, and the actual consumer merchandise in the store that they are shopping for and take to check-out.

But this is what makes you a great supply chain executive, right? You know how to perfectly balance the need to squeeze every dime available from the supply chain while still putting the right products on the shelves at the right volume to keep your guests satisfied. Or is “perfectly balance” too strong of a characterization?

Truth be told, the tools and techniques to report, analyze, and measure supply chain performance are changing drastically. What worked before this broad recession is no longer good enough today. Our goal with this podcast is to quickly introduce you to a new way of approaching supply chain optimization in the consumer goods industry – an approach we call calibration.

Listen to the first in a series of short podcast interviews we’re recording to give you more detail and actual takeaways that you can put to work immediately across your supply chain. Please share in the comments section your thoughts and reactions, and also any questions you’d like us to answer specifically on upcoming podcasts.

Introduction to Supply Chain Calibration