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Getting Greener via Facebook

Environmental concerns are not new and Green IT efforts are gaining ground at many companies, both big and small. Green IT solutions are available of course, but how else can businesses become more green? BearingPoint is searching for some new thinking on the topic.

We launched a contest on Facebook for the best new opinions on how businesses can become more environmentally conscious in their operations. Facebook users can contribute their ideas for the enterprise and pass those (and others) along to their friends and the larger Facebook community to vote on by Nov. 15. (And yes, the winner gets a green prize.) While a contest or giveaway on Facebook is not new, the use of Facebook as a method of cultivating ideas is something few companies are doing. The contest hopes to unearth some new approaches that businesses can take to increase their environmental efforts while also increasing their bottom line.

Contribute your ideas on how businesses can be more green.

Green IT: Designing a framework for the implementation

Green ITIt’s no surprise that organizations around the world — big and small, public and private — are paying increased attention to how “green” their operations are. After all, there are mounting reasons to do so: the rising cost of fuel, a desire to extend the life of their assets, new environmental legislation to reduce waste, and an increase in public scrutiny on organizational policies…the list goes on. In fact, in a recent InformationWeek survey*, more than 55 percent of large companies currently have detailed strategies for “greening” their data center.

Companies and government organizations worldwide are striving to lessen their impact on the environment. Many firms have begun to address sustainability by setting up recycling programs, reducing energy consumption, upgrading to more energy-efficient hardware, consolidating data center operations and buying carbon credits.

But just how deeply has sustainability been embedded into organizational strategy? How viable are corporate sustainability initiatives? How do organizations prioritize changes to business operations and balance these efforts, given the challenging economy?

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Managing assets in the age of global warming

Everyone can relate to global warming, there have been countless articles and news programs, even blockbuster documentary films, such as “An Inconvenient Truth”; but the causes and remedies are constantly debated. The human contribution to global warming is undeniable and companies seeking to create a sustainable business must evaluate the environmental footprint left by their facilities and other infrastructure. Many facility assets—directly or indirectly—consume energy and emit greenhouse gases (GHGs), which are an environmental concern.

Since climate change has come to the forefront as a key sustainable development issue, many governments are taking steps to reduce GHG emissions. These steps include national policies that introduce emissions trading programs, voluntary programs, carbon or energy taxes, and regulations on energy efficiency and emissions. As a result, companies must be able to understand and manage their GHG risks to achieve long-term goals in an environmentally conscious environment.

Read some new thinking on managing assets in the age of global warming, which can assist your company in identifying your environmental footprint and put you on the path to sustainability.