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New Thinking from the floor of SAPPHIRE

A podcast with John Tikka, senior director at Johns Hopkins
Series 2 of 3

We joined our SAP team at the recent SAPPHIRE event in Orlando. The event gave us the opportunity to sit down with new thinkers in various industries and get their take on SAP and the future of IT strategies.

In this podcast, the second of 3 from the floor of SAPPHIRE, we have for you John Tikka, Senior Director for Business Systems at Johns Hopkins, discusses exciting developments in the healthcare industry and the opportunity for information technology to improve patient care. He talks about the unrelenting demand for new capabilities and how The Johns Hopkins University is using SAP to become more agile and deliver information to the end user, allowing them to be more productive and provide better services.

(SAPPHIRE 2008 – The Johns Hopkins University)

About John
John is the Senior Director for Business Systems at Johns Hopkins. He is responsible for business systems in Johns Hopkins Health System, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Johns Hopkins University. Includes payroll, finance, research accounting, supply chain, purchasing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.