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New Thinking from the floor of SAPPHIRE

A podcast with Patrick Smith, Sr. Business Process Specialist from Orange County Public Schools – Series 1 of 3.

SAP’s recent SAPPHIRE event Orlando allowed us access to various new thinkers in a wide variety of industries to learn their thoughts on SAP and what the future holds.

In this podcast, the first in a series of 3 from the floor of SAPPHIRE, we talk with Patrick Smith, Sr. Business Process Specialist for Orange County Public Schools. Patrick explains what he sees that excites him at SAPPHIRE, how simplification and accessibility for mobile devices are the keys to information management, and if that means the end of the desktop.

(SAPPHIRE 2008 – Orange County Public Schools)

About Patrick
Patrick Smith is a Certified Integrator for mySAP Public Sector Solution (ERP 2005). He started as an end user of SAP in 1999 and is currently a Sr. Business Process Specialist (Business Analyst) for FI/FM/Org Management at Orange County Public Schools (Florida).