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Healthcare Provider Portals: Channel Integration Strategies

Max Duprat, Senior Manager BearingPoint Life Sciences
Max Duprat
Senior Manager

Join BearingPoint Senior Manager, Max Duprat, as he explores the first in a series of podcasts which will address how leading life sciences organizations are adopting a customer centric approach to marketing through HEALTHCARE PROVIDER PORTALS, or HCPs. What we’re seeing is that many life sciences companies’ sales and marketing practices relating to customer interactions are losing their effectiveness, while the health care providers and consumers are continuously turning to the internet for medical information. So many life sciences companies are creating health care provider portals to address these challenges. And once the decision’s been made to develop an HCP portal, it begs the question “Should we develop the portal as a channel extension or as a stand alone brand?”

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Throughout this podcast you will learn the key considerations and lessons learned when deciding whether to make the HCP Portal a channel extension or stand alone channel. We also explore how your decision will impact future operations of the portal. Through working with many life sciences companies, those who’ve adopted a customer-centric approach to marketing are finding they can establish themselves as trusted partners, enhance the customer experience and enrich brand loyalty. Tune in to learn the secret to their success and ways to bring these strategies into your own environment.