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Stimulating Innovation: Meeting IT’s New Mission

A survey conducted by IDG Research Services with CIO magazine sponsored by BearingPoint

Does innovation drive cost savings? Or does cost savings fuel innovation? The answer to both: Absolutely.

CIOs can introduce tremendous value into their organizations by optimizing the way that they manage their companies’ IT systems. They can deliver even more value, however, when they focus on executing strategic cost takeout, IT optimization and IT governance in ways that encourage and support ongoing business innovation.

That’s one lesson learned from a recent survey of 150 CIOs conducted by IDG Research Services. Among survey respondents, 66 percent cited the need to reduce costs as a driver for innovation.

The IDG survey makes an important point: Businesses that consistently press to cut costs have an advantage over those that don’t. After all, the former can leverage savings to support and stimulate further innovation, which strengthens the collaborative partnership that’s necessary between the business and its IT operations.

“CIOs are tired of cutting costs. And because the challenge of containing costs is not going away anytime soon, CIOs have an opportunity to turn this into an advantage by developing a business case for using savings to fund innovation and by rigorously managing their portfolios.”
— Pierre Champigneulle, managing director at BearingPoint

Access the full article for more information about this study.

Business Transformation: Unleash your company’s unrealized value

One of the great ironies of the current economy is that, while enterprises of every type are struggling to improve business results and restore investor confidence, these same organizations already hold billions of dollars in unrealized value, often just tantalizingly out of reach.

This is not a new phenomenon, rather one that has surfaced over time. With few exceptions, organizations of all sizes hold unrealized value because they have not fully integrated the different components of their business. Redundancy, inefficiency, compartmentalization and the misalignment of strategy, operations, people and technology converge to prevent companies from realizing their full potential value.

Explore new thinking on how this value can be reclaimed in ways that produce near-term results and long-term growth.