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Effective IT Strategies to Save Costs

CFO Roadmap

Virtualization sounds like the Holy Grail for IT managers—and for executives in the cost-sensitive C-suite. Today’s world-class organizations increasingly see virtualization of their entire enterprise—from servers to security, from software processes to production utilities—as a means to control costs, better allocate resources and increase their return on IT investments.

Virtualization provides a smaller footprint for companies to achieve more benefits across the entire enterprise. Virtualization promises tremendous savings for large enterprises because it offers them ways to create discrete environments in which to develop and test software functionality. In addition, while virtualization has been of tremendous assistance in the development environment by helping companies introduce new applications into a complex operational environment, the real benefit is moving virtualized machines into the production and operating environment enterprise-wide.

The case for virtualization is compelling. IT organizations concerned about underutilization of assets, rising energy costs, improving efficiency in IT infrastructure, simplifying physical architecture, and the constant pressure to reduce technology expenses are adopting server virtualization in the hopes of reaping its potential benefits.

Read how to improve operational efficiencies with server virtualization.

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New Thinking from the floor of SAPPHIRE

A podcast with Patrick Smith, Sr. Business Process Specialist from Orange County Public Schools – Series 1 of 3.

SAP’s recent SAPPHIRE event Orlando allowed us access to various new thinkers in a wide variety of industries to learn their thoughts on SAP and what the future holds.

In this podcast, the first in a series of 3 from the floor of SAPPHIRE, we talk with Patrick Smith, Sr. Business Process Specialist for Orange County Public Schools. Patrick explains what he sees that excites him at SAPPHIRE, how simplification and accessibility for mobile devices are the keys to information management, and if that means the end of the desktop.

(SAPPHIRE 2008 – Orange County Public Schools)

About Patrick
Patrick Smith is a Certified Integrator for mySAP Public Sector Solution (ERP 2005). He started as an end user of SAP in 1999 and is currently a Sr. Business Process Specialist (Business Analyst) for FI/FM/Org Management at Orange County Public Schools (Florida).

Virtual Desktops

Over the past few years there has been a lot of buzz around virtualization, in particular virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is one where all computing happens remotely. It contains a very simple screen that allows you to replace the heavy workstations that are currently being used by the majority of companies. Virtual desktops provide a “virtual” space, in which the user can place all their application software.

Virtual desktops allow companies to house all the data and applications in one secure location; allowing someone to manage employee’s desktops, even when the computer is off. This podcast explores the importance of virtual desktops and why they are being hailed as the wave of the future.

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