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New Thinking from Oracle OpenWorld

A podcast with Nancie Leibowitz, Director of HR Technology, Constellation Energy.
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We joined our Oracle team at the recent Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco, CA. The event gave us the opportunity to sit down with new thinkers in various industries and get their take on Oracle and the future of IT strategies.

In this podcast,  we caught up with Nancie Leibowitz, Director of HR Technology at Constellation Energy.  Nancie discusses exciting developments in the utilities industry and the opportunity for information technology to improve efficiencies in HR operations. She talks about onboarding and SOA and how Constellation Energy is hoping to use Oracle’s future Workforce Lifecycle Management solution to become more productive and provide better services.

(Oracle Open World 2008 – Constellation Energy)

About Nancie
Nancie Leibowitz is Director of HR Technology at Constellation Energy, the nation’s largest competitive supplier of electricity and wholesale power seller.  Responsible for their entire suite of HR Applications, Nancie is currently leading the Employee Onboarding initiative in support of Constellation’s overall HR strategic plan.

Service Oriented Architecture: Organizing for Success

In this podcast, enterprise architecture expert Steven Kahn discusses some of the findings that went into the recently published, An Implementor’s Guide to Service Oriented Architecture – Getting it Right, produced by BearingPoint, Composite Software and other contributors. The bottom line: successful implementation of an SOA system is about more than technology. As Kahn explains, challenges in understanding the technology, to developing an IT funding model that will enable it to serve across the enterprise are all critical to success. There are many common implementation pitfalls, but Kahn explains how the process can be made simpler, and hopes to encourage more people to deploy their own SOA.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2008/07/PID_013647/Podtech_BP_StevenKahn.mp3&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/5261/implementing-service-oriented-architecture-organizing-for-success&totalTime=728000&breadcrumb=c3675457d8444585a9d6ff815191341f]

Steven Kahn is a senior manager in BearingPoint’s commercial services business systems integration practice where he works to define and deliver value-driven SOA and BPM solutions. He specializes in enterprise architectures with specific emphasis on enterprise integration and business process management.